Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 2 College Football Picks

Went 6-9 for -8.69 units last week.  Yikes.

Thursday 9/9:

Friday 9/10:
#306 Houston -20 -104 (1 unit) $$WINNER$$ - Not much to say here.  Great revenge spot for the Cougs at home against a team whose stud RB is not 100%.  Both teams have good O's and poor D's, but after last year's upset loss at UTEP, I don't expect Houston's coach to take his foot off their throats.

Saturday 9/11:
#314 Wake Forest -5.5 -106 (2 units) $$WINNER$$ - Both have mediocre D's and decent O's, but I like the matchup of Wake's rushing attack vs Duke's D more than Duke's passing attack vs Wake's D.
#315 Hawaii +3 -109 (1 unit) $$WINNER$$ - To my surprise, they showed up vs USC last weekend.  Maybe USC's D isn't very good this year, but I was impressed by the Rainbows' offense.  
#328 Cal -10 -102 (1 unit) $$WINNER$$ - Cal has a better line on both sides of the ball, and the Buffs won't be able to stop the Cal ground game.
#329 FSU +7 -108 (1 unit) LO$$ - The Seminoles are gonna surprise some folks this year.  Ponder is one of the top QB's in the country IMO.  I don't think FSU will win this game, but they should keep it long as their pass D holds up.
#332 Notre Dame -3.5 +102 (1 unit) LO$$ - Michigan over performed on TV last week, and ND under performed.  
#333 E Michigan +14 -108 (1 unit) $$WINNER$$ - E Mich may be the worst team in the FBS, but Miami isn't 2 TDs better.  I don't care how well they played against Florida last week.  Both of these teams are shit.
#338 Ohio State -8.5 -109 (2 units) $$WINNER$$ - Miami surprised a lot of people last year, but not me, and I made a bunch of $$ off of them because of it.  But they're not better this year, and OSU is.  I don't buy into the Terrelle Pryor hype, but he finally looks good.  UM's Jacory Harris is good, but he forces the ball too much.  He's like a black Brett Favre.
#360 Alabama -12 -107 (2 units) $$WINNER$$ - Penn St sucks, and Mark Ingram might not even be the best RB on the Bama squad.  And the Lions have a true freshman at QB...against the Bama D.  That shit is laughable.
#376 USC -20 -103 (2 units) LO$$ - Home opener for the Trojans.  Cavs may be able to hold Barkley in check, but if they do, USC's freshman back will destroy them.  The Trojan D gave up a shit ton of yards last weekend, but Virginia's offense isn't nearly as good.  On paper, this one looks like a blowout.
#382 Arkansas -34 -105 (3 units) LO$$ - ULM has a horrible pass defense and the Hogs have RYAN FUCKING MALLET.  He throws for 5 and 400 yards.  ULM meanwhile will be lucky to hit double digits.  This game is gonna be gross.
#388 Oklahoma State -13.5 -107 (2 units) LO$$ - Troy's anyone, anywhere thing is a great marketing tool, and they have played well against good teams in the past, but their D is not up to par this year.  Hell, they struggled against Bowling Green last week.  Wouldn't be shocked to see the Boys win by 28..

Morning adds:
#315 Hawaii +135 (1 unit) $$WINNER$$ - See above
#318 Wisconsin -40 -103 (1 unit) LO$$ - Win by 50
#372 UCLA +6 -103 (1 unit) LO$$ - I'm simply not buying into the Stanford hype.
#376 USC -107 (2 units) LO$$ - Makes this a 4 unit play
#382 Arkansas -34 -105 (1 unit) LO$$ - Makes this a 4 unit play

That'll do it for today.  Hope to get some back after last week's debacle.  Time for a break and then start looking at the NFL.

Good luck today.
7-7 -3.23 units...Christ

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